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  • 懷特克拉克集團公布全球融資調查報告

    編輯:admin / 發布時間:2015-06-04 / 閱讀:205

      Global FinanceResearch Video
      New Asset Finance International White Clarke Group Global Asset and Auto Research Video, May 2015 shows the global asset and auto finance market is looking positive, despite political and economic tensions.
      The global leasing industry started 2015 with positive expectations that remain undaunted, despite political and fiscal tensions casting long shadows. These are among the findings of the new Asset Finance International White Clarke Group Global Asset and Auto Finance Research Video, May 2015.
      In the US, lenders report confidence levels not seen for four years, with demand being driven by the transportation and construction industries and healthcare, and the auto sector thriving.
      In the UK, growth continues across key asset sectors. In 2014, the percentage of UK investment in machinery, equipment and purchased software reached its highest level since 2011.
      Across Europe, in 2014 new leasing business reached its highest annual rate of growth in volume since 2007, with auto lending performing particularly well.
      In Asia Pacific, the Australian leasing market has shown signs of improvement in the last few months. New leasing markets have begun to open up in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, particularly for car and motor cycle leasing.
      While the Chinese economy has slowed, aviation leasing has taken off, with China forecast to surpass the US as the busiest domestic air travel market within 10 years.
      In South America, despite the continuing decline in the leasing market in Brazil, activity in other countries in the region increased solidly, spearheaded by Mexico, Colombia and Chile.
      The report finds that the main challenges lie outside the industry. Political uncertainty in key markets, possible legislative and regulatory change, including the prospect of a new global leasing accounting standard, potential interest rate rises, eurozone uncertainty and destabilising militant activity in the Middle East and Russia are among the factors proving a drag on the really significant investment decisions which would drive the industry to new highs.
      However, in the opinion of many industry experts, the economic climate is undoubtedly improving, so for lenders who are innovative, know their markets well and can control their costs, the outlook is positive.
      翻譯:天津濱海融資租賃研究院  張媛
      編審:天津濱海融資租賃研究院  季健霞