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  • 美國東京世紀租賃公司正式設立航空融資事業部

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      Century Tokyo Leasing (USA) Launches Aviation Finance Unit
      Century Tokyo Leasing (USA) Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of its new aircraft finance unit in Centennial, Colorado, effective April 1, 2015.


      From this office, CTUSA will develop its commercial aircraft finance platform for the U.S. marketplace, following in the footsteps of its parent company Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation (Japan) which has a reputation as a key player in Asian and other foreign aviation-finance markets.
      CTUSA設立飛機融資事業部為美國市場建立商用飛機融資平臺,旨在跟隨母公司穩居亞洲和其他國外航空租賃市場的佼佼者的腳步,在美國航空市場發揮重要作用。Managing the Colorado office will be Keijiro (Kei) Yokoyama and Keita Sekiguchi, Deputy General Manager and Manager, respectively, of the Century Tokyo Aviation Finance Division. The two have many years’ experience in developing, underwriting and structuring aviation-finance transactions around the globe.
      由東京世紀航空融資部門的Keijiro (Kei) Yokoyama和Keita Sekiguchi分別出任副總經理和總經理,共同掌管科羅拉多事業部。Keijiro (Kei) Yokoyama和Keita Sekiguchi二人在全球的開發、承銷、建構航空融資貿易方面有豐富的經驗。
      “I could not be more pleased with this opportunity to enter the U.S. aviation market”, said Tiger Ogawa, President of CTUSA. “Our parent company has developed a solid reputation as a provider of financial solutions to the most sophisticated of global aviation businesses. CTUSA’s move into this arena with an experienced team of executives has created a great deal of excitement in our organization, in New York, Ireland and in Tokyo”.
      CTUSA總裁Tiger Ogawa認為,他對公司此次登陸美國航空市場表示非常高興。母公司在為最精細的全球民航企業提供融資方案方面擁有良好信譽。經驗豐富的主管團隊攜CTUSA強勢入駐美國航空舞臺,也為設在紐約、愛爾蘭和東京的機構打了一劑強心針。Established in 1985, CTUSA finances and leases various types of equipment for commercial, industrial and corporate customers including I.T./systems, construction and industrial machinery, machine tools, healthcare equipment, office products, and commercial vehicles.
      CTUSA成立于1985年,為商業、工業和公司客戶提供形式多樣的設備融資與租賃服務,其中包括I.T.系統、建筑和工業機械、機床、醫療設備、辦公用品和商用車輛。Headquartered in Tokyo, CTL Japan is a publicly-traded company that offers a full range of financing and leasing services for, among others, the I.T., automobile-leasing, real estate, shipping, healthcare, environmental energy, and aircraft markets.
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      編審:天津濱海融資租賃研究院  海天

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